Took Honda in for a door lock problem. Was told repair would be $360. Called another mechanic we often go to, $160 estimate. When our mechanic took the door apart, they said the part was fine, just had a blockage. Gary's had the door apart as well. Never going back to these guys.


I've been going to Gary's several years and they have always been a reliable place to take any vehicle to for repairs. The staff are all very cool, knowledgeable and helpful. They make accurate estimates both on their time and the cost of repairs. Even better, their cost estimates are quite often a little less than quoted. I've even had them perform same-day repairs that include valve gaskets & axle replacements. The one time I took my Outback to a dedicated Subaru shop the repair took longer and cost more than if I'd just taken it to Gary's! The shop also does a courtesy shuttle, which is a big help! And yes, I am a little partial because one of the guys at the shop is vegan - rock on!